Greenpoint Brooklyn

Greenpoint is a neighborhood located in the northernmost part of Brooklyn -- which is a borough in New York city, in the state of New York. It is bordered in the southeast by East Williamsburg as well as Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, in the southwest by Williamsburg at the Bushwick inlet, in the west by the East River, and in the north by Long Island City, Queens at the Pulaski Bridge and Newton Creek. It is a neighborhood known for having a large Polish community, with lots of Polish bakeries lining the eastern part of the suburb. Many people refer to it as "Little Poland".

Greenpoint was originally a farmland, and many of the streets around the area were named after the family names of the farm owners back then, including Calyer and Meserole. The residential core of the place was established (during the nineteenth century) on parcels divided with lumber yards and rope factories that lined the East River to the west. The northeastern part by the Newton Creek through East East Williamsburg became the area's industrial maritime reach.

Greenpoint has a friendly community vibe which draws yuppies and hiptsers to it. Aside from its laid back charms, more people are moving to this neighborhood because of the cheaper rents. Housing in the area is cheaper the further east it goes. Furthermore, people like the fact that it is close to Williamsburg, properties get more expensive the closer they are to this popular suburb. Greenpoint is also quite close to Manhattan. So it is perfect for people who are planning to move to New York -- it is a great neighborhood, it's cheaper, it's quiet, it's laid-back, but not too far out from the big city.